• Know the value of your technology investments.
  • Ensure your organization’s licensing is legitimate.
  • Have inventory data available in case of lost or stolen equipment.
  • Have inventory data available in case of lost or stolen equipment.
  • Keep hardware and software up-to-date.

Our Technology Inventory Management system scans your network and gathers information about the hardware and software into report-worthy data. It also scans for changes so that you will be aware of licensing violations, unapproved software, and hardware changes.

This system can also detect problems such as server outages, low hard drive space, and even ink/toner levels on most printers! It can be configured to send Evolvinc an email alert in the event of these errors so that Evolvinc can respond to problems immediately.

Technology Inventory also greatly improves support speed. With the information available in the inventory, Evolvinc techs can address issues dramatically faster. No digging around for serial numbers, no need to pop open the computer to see what’s under the hood, it’s all right there in the inventory.

On-site gathering of the following information

Hardware Inventory

  • Model/Make/Serial Number
  • Details (memory, features, etc.)
  • Warranty/Service Plans
  • Value as new (when information available)
  • Firmware Levels (where applicable)
  • TCP/IP Information (where applicable)

Software Inventory

  • Manufacturer/Version
  • Licenses
  • Upgrade notification
  • Support information
  • Installation Media
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