• Centralize your organization’s technological infrastructure with robust Microsoft, Apple, or Linux-based servers for file storage, application hosting, resource sharing, and more.
  • Minimize data loss due to workstation failure.
  • Add new layers of security and accountability to your organization’s data.
  • Need new servers? Let us help you every step of the way: from selecting the appropriate hardware to getting it up and running.
  • Already have servers? Let us take care of the hardware, operating system, and software.
  • Select the service level to meet your budget and priorities.
  • Save time and money with remote support.

For New Equipment (hardware, operating system, software)…

    Selection – We help you select the right hardware, operating system, and software to meet your needs.

    Purchasing – We use our expertise and buying power to acquire your servers for you at a great price.

    Installation – We handle the set up and configuration of the hardware, operating system, and software of your new servers to your requirements.

For New and/or Pre-existing Equipmen…

    Inventory – Our Technology Inventory Management service is bundled with our Server Support. With this service, we take inventory of your existing equipment and licenses and compile information from any new purchases. Review the Tech. Inventory Mgmt Service description for details.

    Initial Optimization – We work with all covered servers to find the optimal operating level possible. All subsequent support will be to maintain this optimal operating level.

    Remote Support Setup – We install software required to remotely support all covered servers.


Hardware, operating system, and software upgrades (not including patches and service packs) after the original service setup are subject to additional setup fees.

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