• Enjoy the convenience of wirelessly connecting to the Internet from anywhere in your home or office.
  • Evolvinc will offer solutions that ensure you get a strong signal where you need one.
  • We will secure your network to ensure only authorized people use the wireless connection.
  • We can also set up Mobile Broadband connections to enable wireless Internet connectivity wherever your cell phone gets reception

For a New Network…

    Design – Show us where the wireless connection will be utilized, and we’ll suggest the hardware and configuration that will get you a strong, secure signal

    Purchasing – We use our expertise and buying power to acquire the equipment you’ll need at a great price.

    Installation – We handle the installation, configuration, and testing of the hardware

For an Existing Network…

    Inventory – Our Technology Inventory Management service is bundled with Wireless Networking Support. With this service, we take inventory of your existing equipment and document how your wireless network is configured. Review the Tech. Inventory Mgmt Service description for details.

    Initial Optimization – We analyze your existing wireless network to identify signal strength or security problems. We fix these problems and bring your wireless network to optimal performance. In some cases, this will require additional or upgraded hardware.


Hardware upgrades (not including firmware and software upgrades) after the original service setup are subject to additional setup fees.

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