• Stop doing business with your personal email account! Evolvinc will help get your organization’s own domain name (,, etc.), configure it correctly, and set up your email services.
  • We will set up your individual email addresses, distribution group email addresses, email forwarding aliases, etc… whatever your organization needs.
  • Need access to your email from outside the office? No problem!
  • Want to use Outlook or Outlook Express? We can configure Outlook to suit your preferences.
  • Want your email available from your smartphone? We can set that up for you.
  • Worried about SPAM? Our email services come with built-in spam filters.
  • Already have an email system in place? We can manage it for you.

For New Environments…

    Evolvinc will
  • Work with you to find an available domain name that best identifies your organization on the Internet.
  • Set up an email service to go along with the new domain name.
  • Set up all the email addresses and forwarding that your organization needs.
  • Configure your email client software, such as Outlook, if needed.
  • Configure smart phones, if required.
  • Document instructions for email access from outside the office.
  • Train users as needed.
  • Adding, modifying, or deleting email addresses can be handled by Evolvinc or we can train someone in your organization to handle email administration.

For Pre-existing Environments

We will take over the management and support of the existing DNS and email system, regardless of its type.

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