Prerequisite: Server Support

  • Directory Services such as Active Directory for Microsoft or Open Directory/LDAP for Apple centralize network security and resource sharing management.
  • Make sharing network resources such as files and printers simple and easy.
  • Dramatically improve your network’s security.
  • Customize and automate users’ access to network resources.
  • Increase users’ accountability while using network resources.

Directory Services requires a Server running Windows Server, Mac OSX Server, or Linux covered with the Server Support service

Evolvinc technicians will work with you to determine how to configure Directory Services to meet your organization’s needs. Setup fees will be determined by required information such as

  • A list of people who will be logging into this network
  • If relevant, departments or groups within your organization
  • A basic idea of how files will be shared on the network
  • A list of computers that will connect to this network
  • A list of printers, scanners, or other equipment that will be shared on this network

Setting up Directory Services requires

  • Installation and configuration of the Directory on the server
  • Modification to all computers on the network to include them in the Directory
  • Transferring users’ files and settings to appropriate places on the network
  • Some training to acclimate users to Directory-based network
  • Training of an on-site administrator for managing user accounts, groups, etc. (Can be excluded if directory administration is covered under maintenance)
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